Navarre: DBZ Strong in Q1 Fiscal 2011
Published by 02 August 2010, 12:28 PM EDT

Navarre just completed their first quarter earnings conference call for Fiscal 2011, and unlike prior quarters where a few interesting tidbits relating to FUNimation and the Dragon Ball franchise were leaked out, much like FUNimation’s panel at Otakon this past weekend, there is not much to say other than that things are going smoothly.

The only mention of the franchise was the same line written out in their press release from earlier in the day:

FUNimation benefited from a strong release schedule of Dragonball Z titles during the first quarter of fiscal year 2010.

Navarre is currently investigating a potential sale of FUNimation, which it announced last quarter. It has re-classified FUNimation as a “discontinued” operation, though they reiterated that FUNimation still has their full support as they look for a potential buyer, which they expect to complete over the next two quarters. As such, we will probably see less and less information come out about them from the business side of things, though it is fascinating to see that one tidbit in the press release. Our little DBZ did well enough for a discontinued operation that they figured they should toss that info out there! Nice.

Concluding FUNimation’s industry panel this weekend at Otakon was a quick Q&A session in which it was noted that the Dragon Box sets continue to do well for the company. Between those and Kai, we all seem to be doing pretty well…!

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