Namco-Bandai Q1 Fiscal 2011 Figures
Published by 10 August 2010, 9:25 AM EDT

Namco-Bandai has posted a ¥1.64 billion (approximately $19 million) loss for the first quarter of fiscal year 2011, the period of April 1st to June 30th, 2010.

In terms of Dragon Ball overall, the franchise dropped in net sales from ¥2.2 billion last year in Q1 2010 to ¥1.2 billion this quarter, and the company is forecasting a drop down to ¥3.0 billion in Q2 2011 compared to ¥5.8 billion in Q2 2010. Compared with last fiscal year’s actual net sales of ¥12.5 billion, the company is forecasting ¥9.5 billion for fiscal 2011.

No individual Dragon Ball game sales were noted in the report, but yesterday’s update with numbers from Famitsu gave us a complete look at Japan throughout calendar 2009. As an update to that, it looks like Dragon Ball DS 2 sold 59,511 copies in Japan over the first half of this calendar year.

In terms of general toys and hobby merchandise (non-video games), the franchise dropped slightly in net sales from ¥0.7 billion last year in Q1 2010 to ¥0.6 billion this quarter. The company is standing strong with their forecast for fiscal 2011 of ¥2.7 billion, and projects an increase up to ¥1.1 billion next quarter alone. Should that projection ring true, that leaves only ¥0.9 billion to be split among the last two quarters of the fiscal year.

As always, the latter-half of the calendar year seems to be the strongest for Namco-Bandai in terms of Dragon Ball, and particularly in the video game arena. We have at least two more games coming worldwide this fall, which should bump things up.

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