Podcast Episode #0229
Published by 15 August 2010, 4:01 PM EDT

This week on the show, our good buddy Hujio from Kanzentai joins us discuss the remainder of points from Otakon 2010, but more importantly, to discuss all of the big news from the last couple weeks. Regular readers of the website are all caught up on most of the news, but we took the opportunity to dig deeper into the financial situation of our favorite franchise, and expand upon all of the news pieces a little more. Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0229! VegettoEX, Meri, and Hujio recap all of the huge news from the last couple weeks, including the upcoming remake of “Saiya-jin Zetsumetsu Keikaku” as a part of “Raging Blast 2”, as well as an in-depth look at the state of DragonBall’s financial situation both in Japan and worldwide. A recap of all the DragonBall going-ons at Otakon 2010, including the amazing panel with Yuuji Mitsuya, rounds out the episode!


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