“Data Carddass: Dragon Ball Heroes” Announced
Published by 01 November 2010, 2:28 PM EDT

Although Dragon Ball Heroes has been public knowledge for some time now, it was only just officially announced midway through October, with both television ad campaigns and the opening of its official website. This new Data Carddass game will be replacing the previous Dragon Ball-related Carddass game, Dragon Battlers, which has been running since June 2009. However, the final set of cards for the system were released this past July, ultimately hinting at its eventual replacement.

The Dragon Ball Heroes official website is now almost fully functional, with the exception of a card list and some of the other main menu options. Of interest are the two new promotional videos that have been posted. The first video is essentially an opening to the game, featuring the new theme “Dragon Soul”, which is not to be confused with the opening theme song for Dragon Ball Kai. The second video is a walk through of the game, giving you a pretty good idea of how to play it (at least better than I could with simple text) and showcases some of the actual game play. Both are available to view on the new game’s official website.

The Dragon Ball Heroes game system will be available in arcades across Japan starting 11 November 2010. In addition, the December issue of V-Jump is covering the system’s release and includes three exclusive promotional cards for the game, called the “first hero set” with Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta.

On top of that, the official V-Jump website has recently posted a wallpaper calendar of the Dragon Ball Heroes cover art. If you love wallpapers, be sure to grab it!

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