“Raging Blast 2” Soundtrack Coming in March
Published by 21 January 2011, 11:27 AM EST

I figured February’s Kai releases might be the last music we would see for a while, but leave it to Japan to prove me wrong!

A soundtrack for Raging Blast 2 (LACA-15111) is due out 23 March 2011 in Japan for ¥3000. No track listing details are available just yet, and we usually do not expect them until shortly before the disc’s release. By itself this is not surprising news, but is moderately interesting if you look back just one game prior.

Europe received a “Collector’s Edition” of the first Raging Blast (PS3/360) in 2009. Part of the giant package was a bonus soundtrack disc which contained 29 tracks (though the opening theme, “Progression”, was not among them). Beyond this European-only inclusion, no soundtrack for the game was formally released, even in Japan.

Europe also received a “Collector’s Edition” of Raging Blast 2, though this edition did not come with a soundtrack disc.

Other than CD singles with opening theme songs, the last game to receive a full soundtrack was Infinite World two years ago back in January 2009 — last year’s Wii game did not receive a soundtrack, and portable games generally do not get soundtrack releases.

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