Various FUNimation Distribution Updates
Published by 16 February 2011, 3:06 PM EST

It has been a couple weeks since FUNimation debuted their online streaming initiative for our favorite franchise. No schedule was set ahead of time, but the company recently announced that Dragon Ball Z TV episodes 16-27 (picking up where the first batch left off) will be available this coming Saturday via all their usual channels. It would seem that a batch of ~10 episodes every couple of weeks may wind up as the norm.

As a reminder, the episodes are indeed available in their original Japanese format, but are the video masters from the orange brick sets released from 2007-2009. An English dub (with the original Japanese musical score) is also available for the same episodes. The streams are available to US residents only.

Over in the realm of home releases, RightStuf has recently updated their online listings with “Part Five” of FUNimation’s release of Kai. Due out 03 May 2011, the prices have been substantially slashed from prior sets’ MSRPs: $29.98 for the DVD set, and $34.98 for the Blu-ray set (with RightStuf’s own prices being slightly lower than MSRP). No reason has been given yet for the reduced prices.

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