“Dragon Ball Kai Original Soundtrack Collection” Details
Published by 02 March 2011, 9:41 AM EST

After all of the inconsistent details, canceled releases, new catalog numbers, and wild speculation… we finally have some concrete information (we think…?) on this month’s upcoming two-disc Dragon Ball Kai Original Soundtrack Collection (previously listed as Soundtrack IV), courtesy of CDJapan’s posted track listing.

As we began to fear, it is mostly a collection of previously-released material, with the tiniest amount of unreleased music — by “tiniest amount”, we mean approximately six tracks (of 76 total). Yes, you read that correctly: six. We say “approximately” because some of the given names are a little ambiguous; they may be the same versions as previously-released music (but with an extra word in the title), or they may be as-of-yet unreleased, stripped-down versions of those songs. Regardless, we are absolutely looking at a single-digit number in terms of new tracks. The rest of the material comes from the prior three soundtracks for the series.

Our buddy kenisu3000 thinks that one of the new tracks is the (woefully underwhelming) piece used recently for Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 transformation, so hey… that is something.

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