Latin America Home Release Licensing
Published by 19 March 2011, 3:08 PM EDT

The website is reporting some moderately extensive home release licensing for the Dragon Ball franchise in Latin America by way of two companies, including the “refreshed” Dragon Ball Kai TV series:

Toei scored a DVD deal for Dragon Ball Kai with Televisa in Mexico, which picked up episodes one through 54. Separate DVD agreements were wrapped up with En Pantalla in Mexico for Dragon Ball episodes one through 28, Dragon Ball Z episodes one through 72 and Dragon Ball GT episodes one through 64.

To break down the episode numbers:

  • For Kai, that takes the series up before its designated “Artificial Humans & Cell arc”, approximately half of the series.
  • For the Dragon Ball TV series, this extends from the beginning of the series through the end of the 21st Tenka’ichi Budōkai.
  • For the Dragon Ball Z TV series (which Kai is based on), this extends partway through the Freeza story arc.
  • For the Dragon Ball GT TV series, the entire 64-episode run is noted.

This is the third home release of the Dragon Ball Kai TV series (following its ongoing release in Japan and later North America). The Mexican dub of the series came under fire from fans when voice director and actor Irwin Daayan announced that many of the character voices would be recast. Even in Brazil, the role of Goku stayed with prior actor Wendel Bezerra only after a “long talk” with the show’s producers about production processes and fan input.

Let us know how this all plays out, Latin American fans!

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