Additional “Dragon Ball Kai” Happinet Home Release Updates
Published by 21 April 2011, 1:53 PM EDT

After months of waiting, Happinet’s official release website has finally updated their Dragon Ball Kai listings with the remaining home releases. The 15th DVD volume and 4th Blu-ray box of the “Artificial Humans & Cell arc”, which will be the final home releases for the series, are set to be released 02 August 2011. The prices for both releases have not changed, with the DVD still being marked at a reduced price of ¥1,995 (~$25) and the Blu-ray marked at ¥14,679 (~$180).

The biggest question still remains: will the unaired 98th episode of the series be included on either release as originally planned? Unfortunately, we still do not know yet. Surprisingly, the listings note that the contents of each release are still “to be determined”, indicating that Toei Animation has not quite yet decided what they are going to do. However, since they are clearly planning on releasing a 15th DVD and not simply including the 97th episode on the 14th DVD, I can not imagine they would release the 15th DVD at that price with only a single episode. In addition, most online retailers are listing the 4th Blu-ray box as having the same running time (253 minutes) as all the previous Blu-ray boxes. Based on all this, it does seem more than likely that the 98th episode will be released, but this is pure speculation as we have no confirmation that this is in fact what will happen.

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