“Dragon Ball Kai” Extensive France Release Schedule
Published by 03 May 2011, 3:33 PM EDT

Big thanks to sangofe for not only collecting all the bits of various information, but rewriting it again for us so we could easily post about it!

Already making its way throughout the rest of the world, Dragon Ball Kai is finally hitting France, and in a big way. Just yesterday (02 May 2011) at 11 pm, the series began airing in France on TV channel Game One — in its original Japanese language, subtitled in French! Our buddy Puto let us know that it began right from the beginning with the replacement score (the music from the original Dragon Ball Z TV series by Shunsuke Kikuchi), rather than the original Japanese broadcast score by Kenji Yamamoto, which has since been removed and is in the process of being phased out of all international releases.

Next up will be an edited and French-dubbed version of the series to air on their Nickélodéon beginning on 29 May 2011. In addition to that, Game One will also be airing an uncut version of that new dub beginning later this year in September. Both dubs will be produced by Chinkel, and while some of the roles have been confirmed to be their original voice actors (Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta), others are still up in the air.

A home release has not yet been announced, but with so much effort going into the production, we will likely hear about it very soon.

The entire discussion can be checked out over on our forum, which includes various links and confirmations from external sources. Go France!

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