Minor Worldwide Licensing Tidbits
Published by 13 June 2011, 2:34 PM EDT

GMA has announced that down in the Philippines, the original Dragon Ball TV series is back on TV as of this past weekend. The show will air Saturdays after Hanep Buhay, and Sundays after Pinoy M.D.on GMA-7.

Meanwhile, Cartoon Network Latin America has Dragon Ball Kai coming soon via Televisa in Mexico, with the first 54 episodes (through to the end of the Freeza story arc) confirmed for broadcast. Additionally, City TV in Columbia has licensed twenty of the series’ movies for broadcast — while it was not specified, doing the math, we can assume this includes the three movies for the first series, thirteen movies for the second series, the 10th anniversary movie, and then possibly the two feature-length Dragon Ball Z TV specials along with the Dragon Ball GT TV special to get to that magic number of twenty.

Wrapping things up for Latin America is the announcement that Chenson in Mexico will be bringing out more merchandise in the form of backpacks. Hurray!

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