Podcast Episode #0265
Published by 18 July 2011, 7:06 PM EDT

This week on our show we are joined by our comrade Herms to discuss “mistakes” in the most well-known of the guide books for the franchise, the daizenshuu. Are there truly mistakes in the books, however, or are these contradictions and questionable tidbits simply the work of fan mistranslations and over-active imaginations?

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Episode #0265! VegettoEX and Herms break down mistakes that appear in the most well-known guide books for the franchise (and our namesake!), the daizenshuu. Are they truly mistakes, though? What is actually wrong contradictory in the text, what is new information, and what have fans made up as false mistakes over time? Meri joins to banter about with what non-news there is, along with the rest of July’s releases!


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