“Ultimate Blast/Tenkaichi” Story Mode Trailer
Published by 09 September 2011, 11:40 AM EDT

Namco-Bandai EU has been on a roll with promotion for the upcoming Ultimate Tenkaichi (Ultimate Blast in its home country of Japan) — yesterday, the branch put up yet another trailer for the game, this time focused on a portion of the story mode, which features new 2D animation:

While I am personally hesitant about another DBZ fighting game with a mode that starts against Raditz and moves through the story verbatim from what I have already seen, read, and played for approximately 15 years… the allure of new animation is quite a draw for even someone like me.

So far it appears to be frame-for-frame accurate to the original version of the show (with a few minor differences here and there due to the new framing and size, of course). With all of the other aspects being tossed against the wall for this game, hopefully there are enough that will stick for fans of all types of gameplay.

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