Namco-Bandai Q2 Fiscal 2012 Figures
Published by 02 November 2011, 1:44 PM EDT

Namco-Bandai has posted an ¥8.03 billion (approximately $103 million) net income for the first two quarters of fiscal year 2012.

Similar to the last several quarters, Dragon Ball did not perform well enough to warrant an inclusion on the top-performing list of franchises for the reporting period — the final one listed is the BEN10 franchise at ¥2.9 billion in net sales for first half of the year. For a bit of comparison, the Dragon Ball franchise was at ¥2.7 billion in net sales one year ago in Q2 Fiscal 2011, after which (Q3 Fiscal 2011 through today) it was no longer reported with a franchise total.

No individual Dragon Ball game sales were noted in the report, and with Ultimate Blast/Tenkaichi being released worldwide in this current quarter, it will be at least another three months before any corporate figures are released.

In terms of general toys and hobby merchandise (non-video games), the franchise actually managed to double its net sales from ¥0.9 billion in the first half of Fiscal 2011 to ¥2.1 billion this half-year. The company has upped its forecast to ¥3.0 billion for the year.

It remains fascinating how the numbers seem inversely proportional to the franchise’s presence on Japanese television — with Dragon Ball Kai now off the air, the hobby and general toy merchandise sales go up. Go figure.

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