Monthly “Saikyō Jump” Issue 3 to Contain Bonus DVD
Published by 03 January 2012, 6:34 PM EST

As initially reported on French anime news Twitter account (@manganewsjapon), the March issue of the recently monthly-relaunched Saikyō Jump will be packed with a bonus DVD that contains both the 2010 Raging Blast 2 feature Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans as well as the recent animated adaptation of Episode of Bardock, as previewed in this month’s issue (February 2012) of the magazine:

The March issue goes on sale 03 February 2012, and should be available at all the usual online retailers — we will be sure to post up a few links as soon as they pop up.

Saikyō Jump is also home to Dragon Ball SD, the spin-off manga by Naho Ooishi, who was also responsible for the original manga version of Episode of Bardock.

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