Manga UK Confirmed For “Dragon Ball Z” DVD Release
Published by 15 March 2012, 8:33 PM EDT

Back in August, Manga UK had an “interesting” (for lack of a better phrase) back-and-forth with fans when listings for a Dragon Ball Z DVD release attributed to them was discovered on the British Board of Film Classification website. The company denied the rumors even up through this past October when a flyer for their release— citing a December pre-order date — was leaked online.

Toei Animation themselves seem to have broken the news in a much more official capacity, however:

Manga Entertainment has acquired the licensing rights to release, for the 1st time, the Dragon Ball Z series in DVD (291 episodes of 26′) in the United Kingdom.

The new licensee is planning to release the 1st of the 9 boxes this summer and to support the launch with a complete cross-media promotion campaign.

As expected, it seems to be the orange brick “season” releases originally produced by FUNimation for North America over the span of 2007-2009.

Thanks to TestDemo for the heads-up.

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