Z Movie Themes, Z & Kai Insert Songs Added to “Lyrics”
Published by 13 April 2012, 10:57 AM EDT

It is our pleasure to announce that the “Lyrics” section now contains all songs used in the Dragon Ball Z theatrical films, as well as all insert songs from the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Kai TV series. As with the lyrics we showcased at the launch of Kanzenshuu earlier this month, those which previously existed on Daizenshuu EX have been enhanced with the original Japanese text and new translations, and all of the lyrics from both prior websites have been reformatted to our new-and-improved look.

In doing so, we have also gone ahead and added the remainder of the songs we were missing from both sites (several Z and Kai insert songs, and the ending theme to Evolution); this means we now have lyrics available, in Japanese, Romaji, and English translation, for every last Japanese song actually used in an official Dragon Ball production, both animated and live-action.

Those of you familiar with our former incarnations will note that there are still several Japanese songs previously on Daizenshuu EX that we have not yet re-posted here; these will be coming in another update within the next few weeks. If you are familiar with what they are, however, you will find a hint as to just what that update will contain. Meanwhile, we will be continuing to bring the other sections of Kanzenshuu back online, with content old and new alike. Stay tuned….

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