“Dragon Ball Z for Kinect” Official European Trailer
Published by 17 April 2012, 11:48 AM EDT

Namco-Bandai EU has put up the first official trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z for Kinect (Xbox 360) on their YouTube channel:

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  • mrkaytos says:

    Same thing as Ultimate Tenkaichi but with movement sensors…This is not new, If we have a look at the Tenkaichi which appeared on Wii or the game launched by Bandai known as: Dragon Ball Z Let’s TV Play so…Apart from these aspects, this “new” Dragon Ball looks spectacular.

    However, what about PS3? A year without Dragon Ball Videogame?? This has not happened since the Budokai Saga started in 2002 in PS2 :/ I think It’s time for Playstation to launch a kind of Dragon Ball Z Budokai/Tenkaichi HD Collection, I’m sure It’d be a success (because we have already seen that the budokai/tenkaichi product is quite good 😉 ) and I’d buy it ^^

    See ya guys!!

  • BlazingFiddlesticks says:

    I really don’t have a problem with using Ultimate’s models since the game needs to be done in a year and Ultimate was probably the overall best looking game the series has ever had, aside from the extra shading in places.

    I can’t say this commercial didn’t do just about everything I’d expect it to do. I’m getting happy memories of the exaggerated, not-actually-in-the-game poses shown on the back of the box of Tenkaichi 2/Sparking Neo on the Wii. 🙂

  • haji says:

    Well, I think that’s the first time i heard “saiyan” in english, not “seiun”.

  • rukura says:

    The only good thing about this? They’re starting to pronounce Saiyan properly :mrgreen:

    Seriously, I just want ULTIMATE BUTODEN to come out over here already….

  • Chuquita says:

    They pronounced saiyan correctly! Very nice. X3

    The commercial itself though, it was ok. It showed what it was; Tenkaichi with Kinect. I probably won’t be getting it though (I have a 360, but I’m not sure if it still works, and I don’t have a Kinect at all.)

    I do hope that 3DS game is the sequel to Attack of the Saiyans though; that I’d buy.

  • bleed0range says:

    It looks moderately fun. The kamehameha part anyway. But actually “fighting” would get exhausting after a few minutes I’d think. I like how it takes your picture and does the little sidescroll of frieza looking at you and you looking back lol. But seriously, I hope there’s a litttttle more to it.

  • Dragon Ball Z isn’t popular enough to endure this kind of shit. This is awful. I’m having a brain aneurism right now trying to comprehend how god damned stupid all of this is.

  • spacekappa says:

    The commercial was awful, but I still want to play the game. The punching looks lame and repetitive but doing the actual motions for the moves will be fun. That was what I loved about Sparking! Neo; thrusting the Wiimote and nunchuk forward to do the Kame Hame Ha. Also, I love the cover art! Nice to see something that’s not all “grrr fighting grrr.”

    Even if I wasn’t getting a review copy I’d still buy this.

  • ssj4furanki says:

    I love how people on YouTube are freaking out of the supposedly wrong; but, actually correct pronunciation of Saiyan.

  • sithlord4 says:

    I Love the proper Saiyan pronunciation, but at the same time…………..This makes me want to get a kinect, only because the chance to punch Freeza and Makankosappo Raditz while screaming my ass off is a very nice prospect. But at the same time………….i’d be going against my code of “The Kinect and move can go to hell!” What is a nerd to do?

  • daimorukiri says:

    Yay, they pronounced “Saiyan” correctly, now if Funi can start doing that we might get along 😈

  • theblackpaladin says:

    Oh, this is cool new feature (being able to post comments under news stories on the main page)!

    Anyway, I’ll wait for the reviews. The trailer was good, but they’re never reliable. Trailers have a long history of being deceptive. I remember when they released the trailer for “Spiderman 3,” the uploader said that it would be “the greatest movie of all time.”

  • kuririnoforin says:

    Kinect? Err, no thanks. 😕

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