France Receiving Cheaper “Dragon Ball” DVD Sets
Published by 23 April 2012, 11:49 AM EDT

Originally announced back in August 2009, France finally received a proper home release of the first Dragon Ball series spread across two giant collector’s edition DVD box sets, with the second set seeing its release back in May 2010.

Taking a card from FUNimation’s play book, it seems AB Video will be re-releasing the series in smaller, lower-priced sets. All three sets will be released 07 May 2012 and retail for 29,99 €, compared to the 149,90 € each the original two collector’s edition sets went for. As with the original two sets, the Japanese version is included with French subtitles, though since an uncut French dub was never produced, that particular track switches to the original version where it had been edited in the French dub.

Despite Dragon Ball Kai airing in three different incarnations over there (original Japanese + subtitles, uncut dub, edited dub), there are still no hints about a home release for the “refreshed” Dragon Ball Z TV series.

Thanks to our buddy sangofe for the heads-up.

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