21st-Century Video Game Songs Added to “Lyrics”
Published by 04 May 2012, 9:53 PM EDT

Here in Japan, it is already May 5th. And what better way to celebrate Children’s Day than with a video game-themed content update?

All Dragon Ball video game songs from 2004’s Dragon Ball Z 2 onward have been added to the “Lyrics” section. While we had initially planned on bringing you this content earlier, we ran into a snag with one of the songs. Nevertheless, after much effort, we are happy to show off the fruits of our labor, on what could not be a more fitting date.

Strictly speaking, however, we still lack one song from this grouping: the theme to the multi-franchise crossover Battle Stadium D.O.N. This song was never released commercially, nor were its lyrics ever published, which means any transcription relies on the less-than-ideal in-game audio. If you speak Japanese and are interested in contributing beyond what we have been able to make out, please see the related forum thread for details.

Given the theme of this update, you can probably tell what lyrics are on the way next. You can expect these very soon, possibly even within the next week. (But if this timeframe passes with no sign of new content, please remember also that your humble translator is a gainfully-employed father of an almost-two-year-old.) Until then, enjoy the fresh lyrical content, and happy singing.

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