“Dragon Ball Z for Kinect” QR Codes Trailer
Published by 24 May 2012, 1:43 PM EDT

As per the norm, the European branch of Namco-Bandai is pumping out new trailers for their upcoming Dragon Ball games ahead of both Japan and North America! This time around, Dragon Ball Z for Kinect is featured with its QR code functionality, which was revealed back during the game’s original announcement:

Over 20 QR codes will be made available through various means, which will allow for new characters and power-ups.

(It is a shame they reverted on the “Saiyan” pronunciation in the trailer! Oh, well…)

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  • spacekappa says:

    Man, this game is going to be such goofy fun. I’m actually really looking forward to it. I’m also a sucker for collectibles, so the card thing has grabbed me as well.

  • craddle says:

    This trailer is old. This identical trailer was posted on YT over a month ago. Old news.

  • VegettoEX says:

    Well, *we* hadn’t posted it yet, and Namco-Bandai only just officially uploaded it to their accounts today.

    Hopefully someone can still find something informative or interesting in us posting it, even if it’s “old”.

  • hellspawn28 says:

    This still looks lame. I wonder how people are going to get these cards? Buy them at a store like Target or Best Buy? I don’t think even the casual fans are going to care to pick up this game.

  • craddle says:

    (I like how you put “old” in quotes. I guess anything can be new to someone.)

    The only thing I noticed about this trailer is *as you noted* the pronunciation of Saiyan. The majority of the comments on the older trailer are complaints that Namco-Bandai pronounced the word wrong. Now if you read the comments from this trailer, not one person even mentioned it.

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