“Dragon Ball Kai” Portuguese Subtitles Sourced From English Dub
Published by 24 June 2012, 6:01 PM EDT

Back in April, a hilarious quasi-parody commercial for the upcoming Portuguese-subtitled broadcast of Dragon Ball Kai on SIC Radical popped up, bringing indescribable joy and promises of a brighter tomorrow to the lives of Portuguese-speaking fans everywhere.

Turns out everyone got most of what they were expecting. The show is indeed being broadcast in its original Japanese version with Portuguese subtitles, but said subtitles are actually a translation of FUNimation’s uncut English dub, rather than a translation of the original Japanese script into Portuguese:

While the uncut English script for Kai is certainly leagues better than the franchise received a decade ago (at least up through the end of the Freeza arc), these translations bring inconsistencies and changes to the Portuguese script that never existed in their version before. Whoops!

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