“Episode of Bardock” Subtitled on Kinect Game
Published by 15 July 2012, 5:56 PM EDT

A recent interview with Namco-Bandai via Gamespot (on location at Comic-Con) confirms that Episode of Bardock — which we already know will be debuting in North America and Europe for the first time via Dragon Ball Z For Kinect for the Xbox 360 — will be available in its original Japanese language and subtitled in English on the game disc. Additionally, much like how back in 2010 Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans was available for viewing immediately via a menu selection in Raging Blast 2 (without the need for any special unlocks), the same will be the case with Episode of Bardock this year.

Viewing Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans in Raging Blast 2 unlocked Hatchiyack as a playable character in the game — it will be interesting to see if Namco-Bandai does a similar thing this year with Super Saiyan Bardock and his own video feature on the game disc.

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  • goku262002 says:

    Bull, man. I’m sure the hardcore fans are jumping for joy but hell just once I’d like to hear these new specials in the language and voices I GREW UP with. Just really disappointed in FUNi not being able to get licensing rights to another DBZ special.

  • theblackpaladin says:

    Well, goku262002, according to an interview with Sean Schemmel, they were originally going to dub one of the new specials (which one is not immediately clear from listening to the interview), but ultimately that dub didn’t happen for “budget reasons.”

    I too would like to hear a dub of one of these specials. Sonny Strait has done a great job with Bardock in the video games, so I’d love to see him play Bardock again in a longer piece. Chris Ayers as Chilled, too!

  • goku262002 says:

    “budget reasons.”?! Jeez I thought FUNi would think it would be a great investment to dub at least 1 of the specials. It doesn’t give me much hope in the new upcoming movie being dubbed at all.

    I’ve got no problems with the JP dub btw, Just want to hear my own language dub for a change.

  • PS3 gamers getting shafted it seems. :/ Cheers Bamco.

  • I’m starting to get the feeling we will never see the most recent animated specials dubbed and that really bums me out. 🙁

  • dbzaota482 says:

    Ehhh… still not gonna buy it.

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