Kazuya Hisada Added to the Animation Styles Guide
Published by 20 August 2012, 1:28 PM EDT

It’s yet another week, and we have yet another new animator to highlight! This week we finish up with the Seigasha animation studio and add animator Kazuya Hisada to the “Animation Styles Guide”. Hisada was the last animation supervisor in the series from the Seigasha animation studio, following Tomekichi Takeuchi, and would rotate the role of animation supervisor with Masahiro Shimanuki throughout the remainder of Dragon Ball Z. However, Hisada would later completely take over the role of animation supervisor for Seigasha in Dragon Ball GT and eventually went on to become the character designer for One Piece.

As a special bonus this week we’ve dug deep into our research vault of awesomeness and pulled out a behind the scenes look at the making of One Piece, which just so happens to feature a brief appearance by its character designer, Kazuya Hisada, providing us with an actual photo. This behind the scenes episode of “Real Scope” aired on Fuji TV on 26 June 2010 and examines the making of One Piece episode 449, although the last five minutes of the episode focus heavily on the voice acting in Dragon Ball Kai, and more specifically Mayumi Tanaka’s (voice of Kuririn and Monkey D. Luffy) involvement in both series. You can watch all the relevant material from behind the scenes episode on YouTube here, here, and here. Anyway, you can read more about Hisada in the new guide, but be sure to check back in a week for our next featured animator!

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