FUNimation Not Screening or Talking DBZ at New York Comic Con
Published by 27 September 2012, 9:49 PM EDT

With the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie in Japan set to debut in March, a few fans have speculated whether FUNimation would possibly screen its trailer at the New York Comic Con on 14 October 2012 at 1:30 pm during their industry panel. The majority of these rumors stem from people misconstruing the description for FUNimation’s panel to imply that they would be screening or revealing some new Dragon Ball Z information (which it does not actually say):

Like Hetalia? Fullmetal Alchemist? Deadman Wonderland? Hellsing Ultimate? Dragon Ball Z? Then, methinks, you like FUNimation. Hear from one of America’s anime leaders about what’s next for them on Blu-ray and DVD, streaming, and television screens across the country.

The series listed in the description are some of FUNimation’s flagship properties, but nowhere in the description does it specifically say, nor even hint that, there will be new information or screenings of these said properties. We reached out to FUNimation to confirm the validity of these rumors and received the following response:

There is nothing new to report on DBZ and there will be no screenings pertaining to it.

So while it is now confirmed that this rumor is false, it unfortunately also means that there will not be any new Dragon Ball Z franchise information or related screenings from FUNimation coming out of New York Comic Con this year.

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