Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru Added to the “Animation Styles Guide”
Published by 01 October 2012, 11:47 PM EDT

It’s yet another week, and making it just under the wire we have yet another new animator to highlight in the “Animation Styles Guide”. This week we detail the work of Toei Animation’s Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, who was an animation supervisor and character designer for the latter portion of Dragon Ball Z and for the entirety of Dragon Ball GT. Nakatsuru is most well known for his ability to duplicate Akira Toriyama’s artistic style, and for developing the character designs for Bardock’s crew and Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku! He is by far one of the “best of the best” Dragon Ball had to offer fans!

Enjoy, and look for more updates to our ever-growing “Animation Styles Guide” in the near future!

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