“Dragon Ball Evolution” Japanese DVD Reduced Price Reissue
Published by 04 October 2012, 8:49 AM EDT

The American-produced Dragon Ball Evolution live action movie is receiving its second reduced-price DVD reissue in Japan this holiday season. Originally released to home video in summer 2009, the first reissue (with changed cover art pulled from the North American / international releases) came 02 September 2010. This new reissue appears to be the exact same thing as the last one — same cover art, same price (¥1,419), same everything — and will drop 05 December 2012.

We reviewed the movie on our podcast immediately following its Japanese theatrical debut, then again after its North American debut, and even dived into the material to pull apart all of the fun differences and changes. What we have not done yet is actually review the Japanese dub of the movie (featuring such actors as Kappei Yamaguchi and Aya Hirano). The previous Japanese DVD reissue is sitting on my shelf — it may be time to crack that bad boy open…!

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  • Chuquita says:

    Oh wow I remember how huge the goings-on for the live action DB movie were back then; it feels like forever ago now. That certainly was something. Curious to see how Ussop!Chatku and Haruhi!Bulma turned out via the review. That movie vanished so quickly in the U.S. that I can tell you I have never seen it on store shelves, ever. It’s been buried real good.

    I was so morbidly curious to see what they would’ve done to Vegeta in the never-came-to-be sequel. And I still think it’s kinda funny that no country has ever made a live action Dragon Ball Z movie. All 3 countries that created a LAM (especially the U.S. where Z seems to be by far the more popular of the two) chose to do the original Dragon Ball.

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