Get “Super Excited” For New Guide Pages, and More!
Published by 08 October 2012, 10:20 PM EDT

While there won’t be any “Animation Styles Guide” update today, that doesn’t mean we won’t be leaving you without any new content at all! We’ve added dedicated pages for the two “Super Exciting Guide” volumes; the “Story Volume” and the “Character Volume”. Both volumes contain an interview with Akira Toriyama, and are based on the kanzenban release of the manga, similar to “Landmark” and “Forever”. As the name suggests, the “Story Volume” focuses heavily on the manga’s story development, including the main battles, training, and of course friendships. The “Character Volume” is very similar to both Daizenshuu 2 and 4, covering the main characters, the “Dragon World” and its many races, and many of the main techniques used throughout the series.

I’ve also been slowly working on porting over our “Complete Cast Listing” from Kanzentai, which as of this post is up through the letter “M”. So look forward to that being completed, and we’ll be back with even more content in the coming weeks!

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