Akira Toriyama’s TV Animation Daizenshuu Interviews Translated
Published by 18 October 2012, 3:24 PM EDT

After finishing all of the information pages for the seven original hardcover daizenshuu guide books, it’s time we move on to finishing up all the interview translations! In total the daizenshuu contain six interviews with series creator Akira Toriyama; one covering his illustrations and artwork, two covering the manga, and three covering the franchise’s animated works. With the illustrations and manga interviews all finished up, we’re moving on to the two TV anime interviews from Daizenshuu 3 and Daizenshuu 5. Both interviews were conducted at Toriyama’s home on 05 June 1995, just after the manga serialization ended, and focus on his involvement with the anime’s production, the selection of its voice actors, the series’ background music and coloring, the franchise’s general fandom, and his overall plans for the future (…of doing almost nothing).

In addition to these interviews, we’ve also re-posted our translations for the first two “Shenlong Times” insert pamphlets in the “Translations” section. In somewhat unrelated site meta news — this next Monday we will not be posting an “Animation Styles Guide” update, but we’ll instead be posting another very exciting interview that I know many fans, including ourselves, have been wanting to read for some time. In the meantime, go read all this other awesome stuff!

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