Toriyama’s Daizenshuu 6 Super Interview + Short “Best” Q&As
Published by 06 November 2012, 5:47 PM EST

Four updates in one day?! What is this, 2009…? But nevertheless, we trek on with more daizenshuu translations! This time around we bring you the “Akira Toriyama Super Interview” from Daizenshuu 6 which was conducted on 05 October 1995 at Shueisha. This is the last of the main daizenshuu interviews with Toriyama where he discusses his involvement with the movies, the use of updated video technology in their production, his leap into designing video game characters, and his enduring love for the first Dragon Ball Z TV special. This interview has been added to our “Translations” section, where you can also find all of the previous Toriyama daizenshuu interviews that we’ve already translated!

If you’d like even more reading material, we’ve also thrown up the short “Akira Toriyama’s Best” Q&As that were featured throughout Daizenshuu 4. Be sure to check back soon for more interview translations, because we’ve got a stockpile going!

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