“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” (3DS) Release Details
Published by 20 November 2012, 8:58 AM EST

The January 2013 issue of V-Jump hits shelves in Japan today (21 November 2012) with lots of great details about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS gameDragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission, including its release date: 28 February 2013 for ¥5800.

The information reveals that the game will be a “complete recreation” of the interface of the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game via the touch panel, and that the actions (such as the “Charge Impact”) are done so that you can intuitively do them with your hands on the portable device.

“Your heroic tale begins in your hands” continues the splash, with the player able to experience the story from the Saiyan arc up through Dragon Ball GT. If you are able to stand against powerful enemies together with Son Goku and win all of the battles, you will have grown into a true hero! The player is able to move around the “ultimate map” (what appears to be a sort of overworld) with famous scenes that have been “recreated perfectly for the game”.

In terms of in-game cards, they include the complete collection from Dragon Ball Heroes Series 1 up through “Galaxy Mission 4“. By completing your missions, you are able to obtain more cards in the game.

Perhaps most exciting is the high-quality, brand new opening sequence that has been created exclusively for this game. The game with also come with an initial (physical) bonus card set for use at the arcade version of Dragon Ball Heroes, a “Hero Avatar Card”, as well as a “Trial Hero License”. You will also get the first look at the Future Gohan and Future Trunks cards.

So far, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission for the Nintendo 3DS has only been announced for release in Japan.

UPDATE: Namco-Bandai has released their first trailer for the game, which showcases a little bit of the new opening animation, gameplay footage, and more.

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