“Dragon Ball Children” Essays 1–10 Added to “Translations”
Published by 23 November 2012, 7:55 AM EST

For our American visitors, as well as the staff here at Kanzenshuu, yesterday was Thanksgiving: a day when we give thanks for what we have. We at Kanzenshuu are thankful for our family, friends, and site visitors, as well as the international continuation of Dragon Ball Kai, the upcoming film “Battle of Gods“, and the “Collaboration Tickets” for the film that we snagged this morning in Japan.

It is now Black Friday in the United States, where people jostle and trample each other in the name of things they do not yet have. To help keep the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday alive a bit longer, we thought we would bring you the reflections of some people who are thankful… for Dragon Ball. We have now added the first 10 “Dragon Ball Children” essays to the “Translations” section; these are written by popular manga artists such as Eiichirō Oda (One Piece) and Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto), who grew up with Dragon Ball and were greatly influenced by it. They were first published in special pamphlets with the initial Kanzenban manga release in Japan, and later reprinted in the guidebook “Dragon Ball Landmark“.

Whether you live in the US or not, we hope that you will take a moment to sit back, read these columns, and think about what you are thankful for. Enjoy, and thank you!

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  • ssjrambo says:

    That’s a pretty neat (and huge) Collaboration Ticket! Do you know if they will also have a standard novelty ticket for Battle of Gods individually? I found a collection of all the movie tickets for the original 17 theatrical films (and think I might have sent it to Hujio at one point) a year or two ago and would love to add the next theatrical film ticket to the collection, if there will be one.

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