“Dragon Ball Children” Essays 11–17 Added to “Translations”
Published by 26 November 2012, 9:22 AM EST

Now that the Kanzenshuu staff have recovered from their food-induced comas over the holiday weekend, we thought we would bring you one more special gift: the other seven “Dragon Ball Children” essays. Like the first ten, they were included in special “Dragon Ball Information” pamphlets with odd-numbered volumes of the Kanzenban manga’s initial release, but these were never reprinted. Luckily, through the magic of Internet collaboration, we have rescued them from oblivion and are pleased to be able to present them to you here, in English translation.

The content is eclectic, ranging from shōjo artist Arina Tanemura (Full Moon wo Sagashite) to seinen (and mostly non-Shueisha) names Kōshi Rikudō (Excel Saga) and Kōta Hirano (Hellsing). A simple description really does not do them justice, so why not check them out for yourself? You will be thankful you did.

Stick around later today for this week’s podcast episode, which will dive into all seventeen of these “Dragon Ball Children” essays a little more, along with fun stories from Japanese movie ticket purchasing adventures!

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