New Characters Confirmed & Named For Movie “Battle of Gods”
Published by 29 November 2012, 9:43 AM EST

Leaked pages (via Manga-News Japon and 2ch) from the upcoming Weekly Shōnen Jump 2013 issue #1 (due out this Monday) have finally confirmed the two characters previously seen on a questionable poster for the upcoming 2013 theatrical Dragon Ball Z movie, “Battle of Gods”:

A God of Destruction who Violates the Common Sense of “Z” Descends!!

キービジュアル公開!! コイツが破壊神ビルスだ!!
Key visuals revealed!! This is the god of destruction, “Birusu”!!

This (perhaps final?) version of the poster has a few small discrepancies from the initial version that leaked, such as Yamcha’s position in the background. This suggests that whoever leaked the original image was either working on it him/herself or otherwise had access to the work-in-progress version.

An additional image, which appears to be further down the same page of the magazine, reveals the names for both characters, along with their respective voice actors:

劇場版新キャラクター ビルス&ウイス!!
New Movie Characters: “Birusu” & “Uisu”

Voice Actor: Masakazu Morita

God of Destruction, “Birusu”
Voice Actor: Kōichi Yamadera

It’s as if the God of Destruction, “Birusu”, has a cat-like appearance!! And, who the heck is this “Uisu” person standing next to “Birusu”…?!

[ For additional line of text, see updated information below ]

The term 破壊神 (hakaishin, meaning “God of Destruction”) appears to be an actual title of some sort for “Birusu”, as it is included in the box next to him that contains his name. As for the current Kanzenshuu-approved choice of name spellings, ウイス is the first three characters in ウイスキー (“whiskey”), while ビルス could be modified from ピルス (“pils”, a.k.a. “pilsner”, a kind of beer). We cannot confirm at this point that these are the intended puns, but the logic seems sound enough for now — we will of course update with any subsequent information or confirmations.

Masakazu Morita previously played Tarble in the 2008 Jump Super Anime Tour special, Heya! Son Goku and Friends Return. Kōichi Yamadera, meanwhile, subbed for Hirotaka Suzuoki as Tenshinhan in Dragon Ball Z episodes 82 and 84, back in 1991.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the first full-length animated theatrical feature for the franchise since 1996’s 10th anniversary movie, Saikyō e no Michi (“The Path to Ultimate Strength”). It is due in Japanese theaters on 30 March 2013, with no official word just yet on an international release, though there are hints at one on a production level.

Update 1: After viewing the promotional page in its entirety, we have noticed an additional line of text that had been clipped off of the original leaked scans. This line of text appeared just below the new character introductions, and for the sake of completeness, we have included this text line below.

It’s as if the God of Destruction, “Birusu”, has a cat-like appearance!! And, who the heck is this “Uisu” person standing next to “Birusu”…?!

Update 2: Scripwriter Yūsuke Watanabe responded to our inquiry regarding the possible source for the two characters’ name puns being alcohol based (“pilsner” and “whiskey” as the theories), stating:

That’s not the source~!

We will continue to push for clarification and confirmation!

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  • JacobYBM says:

    Awesome! I’m glad Yamadera Kou’ichi is going to join the regular Dragon Ball family. Hopefully he can work on some video games now!

  • mozart13x says:

    Thnx a lot for the info guys… can’t wait for the ‘official trailer ‘ now! LOLz

  • dragonboxzthemovies says:

    Everyone on YouTube is totally not copying-and-pasting this news post.

    I mean really… 🙄

  • bleed0range says:

    A God of Destruction who Violates the Common Sense of “Z” Descends!!

    … perhaps this God is able to bend reality itself? Maybe that’s why Shoo and Pilaf were tiny or whatever. Maybe the CG in the movie will somehow be used to give the illusion of their reality changing by this God? Maybe I’m just full of it? Maybe.

    Either way, I want another trailer!

  • jeffjarrett says:

    Since their names are not related to pilsner and whiskey, the spellings you chose are inaccurate.

  • Chuquita says:

    The fact that Birusu can “violate common sense” gives me great hope for ridiculous shenanigans occurring in this movie. X3
    I want to see some reality-warping craziness. Also, hilarious stuff befalling Vegeta. :3

    With “Pilsner” as the pun being shot down, I’m now putting my money on the theory that it’s a pun on “Virus” instead.

  • Herms says:

    @jeffjarrett: Since we still don’t know what the real source of the names are, “accurate” and “inaccurate” don’t really factor in yet. I mean, if we were to adopt different spellings at this point, which ones should we go with, and why?

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