Additional Minor Movie & Manga Guide Entries
Published by 30 November 2012, 10:28 AM EST

With multiple confirmations on the title for next year’s upcoming theatrical Dragon Ball Z movie (“Battle of Gods”) as well as its new promotional poster image, we have added an entry for the movie in our “Movie Guide“. There is obviously not much more to detail about the movie just yet, but as we approach March we will start creating a full page for the movie detailing the rest of the staff, actors, promotional materials, etc.

We have also added a new section for Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission in the “Official Manga Spin-offs” page of the “Manga Guide” here at Kanzenshuu. Beginning back in the November 2012 issue of V-Jump, the mini-manga by the mysterious “Toyotarō” initially ran for two chapters of two pages each before expanding to nine pages in its third chapter in this month’s January 2013 issue of V-Jump.

We know that the Dragon Ball SD section of the “Official Manga Spin-offs” page needs to be expanded to include this year’s worth of monthly chapters — it is on our radar!

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