Story Section of Official “DBZ: Battle of Gods” Website Unveiled
Published by 11 December 2012, 9:00 PM EST

Hot off the heels of the recent theme song announcement, the official “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” website has unveiled its new “Story” section. Unfortunately at the moment it’s merely a recap of the original Dragon Ball series, but it appears that they may be slowly updating the page with new information as we approach the film’s theatrical debut on 30 March 2013. Here’s what has been posted thus far:



Long, long ago, there were the Dragon Balls of legend, which were said to grant any wish when the seven of them were gathered together.

The mysterious boy living up in the mountains far away from the big city, Son Goku, and the girl searching for the Dragon Balls, Bulma. From this small encounter in one corner of the Earth, began a mysterious adventure. Piccolo Daimaō, who tried to conquer the world; Freeza, who plotted to rule all of space; the artificial human Cell, who transcended time and space to menace humanity; and Majin Boo, who did the utmost of evil across the entire universe. One after another, powerful foes appeared before Goku and his companions over the Dragon Balls. And so, at the end of long, long days of battle, peace abruptly came to Earth… and yet…

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with the most accurate information as more sections of the website become available!

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