“Project Versus J” Details Revealed: Team Battle on PS3/Vita
Published by 12 December 2012, 9:10 AM EST

The upcoming 2013 issue #3 of Weekly Shōnen Jump (set for release this Monday, 17 December 2012) contains new information about — as well as the first screen shots for — the previously-announced Project Versus J video game, now confirmed for release on the Sony PlayStation 3 and Vita, and is classified as a “team battle action” game.


Images in the magazine show off Toriko’s “Nail Punch”, Luffy’s “Gum-Gum Stamp”, and Goku’s Kamehameha. The magazine also asks readers to enter a new contest by choosing up to three characters they feel are the strongest and why (as well as detailing their favorite manga, which game consoles they own, their favorite game genre, and how many video games they own). Naturally, rivals and female characters are OK, too! From all those who enter, 10 people will be chosen by lottery to receive a PlayStation 3 system. Votes will be tallied to determine which characters make the game’s final roster cut. The deadline is 31 January 2013, so that presumably puts the game’s release at least at some point in time after that.

Last week’s contest asked readers to design their own character and send it in — that contest’s deadline is this month on the 28th. Prizes for that contest include:

  • Grand prize (1 person) – paper signed by Eiichiro Oda, Wii U premium set, and 5 games of your choosing
  • Second prize (20 people) – Nintendo 3DS LL (XL)
  • Effort Prize (100 people) – SONY Walkman

The game’s recently-unveiled teaser website asks visitors to look for more information on the 17th of this month, which falls right in line with the release of this particular Jump magazine release.

Unlike Nintendo’s move with the Nintendo 3DS being region-locked (which will prevent easy importing of Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission), Sony has kept the PlayStation Vita (as well as the PlayStation 3) mostly region-free. Persona 4: Arena has been one of the only games to be specifically region-locked on the PlayStation 3, but the system otherwise remains relatively open for importers. No details regarding Cross Buy or Cross Play are listed at this time (which would allow consumers to obtain both versions with a single purchase, and/or to play each other online across platforms). It does, however, list the game’s release as “Double Hard” — we are not familiar with this particular phrase (being released on “hard-media” for both systems perhaps, or just the fact that it is available on two systems at all?), so we will follow-up on that one…

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