Upcoming Feature Preview: ScrewAttack’s Goku vs. Superman
Published by 18 December 2012, 2:15 PM EST

We tend not to cover every single fan production out there — sites like DragonNews already do a fantastic job in that regard, so we usually stick to what we are the best at, which is covering official news and providing an unprecedented wealth of documented information about the Dragon Ball franchise.

A few months ago, however, we were contacted by ScrewAttack to take part in providing the base of research for one of their upcoming “DEATH BATTLE!” videos, a series where characters from separate universes are pitted against each other in (what else?) a battle to the death. What would that fight be? The end-all, be-all of fanboy/girl-tacular raging: Goku vs. Superman.

Along with some hand-picked members of our community, we at Kanzenshuu provided countless (literally — we lost track once we got past 50 on the first round alone) pages of research, translations, and documentation. The “DEATH BATTLE!” video series relies on specific facts about techniques, weapons, items, feats of strength, and so on and so forth — it was up to us to provide a flawless knowledge base to work from. As you would expect from us, every single tidbit was meticulously translated and fact-checked against the original Japanese source material. As ScrewAttack wanted to go with everything in terms of canonicity, this extended to the TV adaptation, movies, guide books, interviews, and more.

After tossing out a couple short teasers, the first full preview video was made available this month.

A video spotlight for Goku was later released detailing some of the personality traits, techniques, and more that went into the fight considerations:

A great deal of the information we provided is already available on Kanzenshuu, while a fair amount more is on its way — do not worry about any amount of work not seeing the light of day!

An incredible amount of thanks goes out to ScrewAttack (and many of the folks that recommended us) for considering Kanzenshuu in this project. You already know that we are the first, best, last, and only source you ever need for anything about the series when it comes to news, information, and educated opinions — we are so happy to bring in an even larger audience thanks to this project.

In terms of the final video itself, while we certainly love Goku, we really have no horse in this race. We are just as excited as the rest of you to see how ScrewAttack takes our information, analyzes it, breaks it down, perhaps even tosses it all out completely, combines it with their separate Superman research, and comes together with an exciting product.

Look for the final video on December 21st!

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