Published by VegettoEX
20 December 2012, 1:24 PM EST

A new fully-colored version of the Dragon Ball manga — at least covering the early part of the “Z” era events — has been announced in the February 2013 issue of V-Jump released today in Japan. As opposed to the “TV Animation Comics”, which utilized screen shots of the TV series, these volumes will be colored-in versions of the original manga drawn by Akira Toriyama. New listings for the first three “Full Color Comics” volumes, which will cover the Saiyan arc of the series, have already been posted on Shueisha’s S-MANGA website with a scheduled release date of 04 February 2013. So far no retail price has been announced.

In addition to this fully-colored re-release of the manga, another listing has been posted for the first volume of what is being called a “Chōzenshū” (超全集). This term was last tossed around back in 2008 for the 13-disc music compilation which was eventually retitled under a simple “Dragon Ball Z Complete Song Collection Box”. As of right now we are unsure if this is a new line of guide books, a la the “Daizenshuu”, or something else entirely. We will be sure to let you know as soon as we have clarification.

These new releases are tied in with a new traveling Dragon Ball-themed exhibition being held in three different cities, obviously itself tying in with the impending release of the upcoming “Battle of Gods” film due out 30 March 2013.

鳥山明 “The World of DRAGONBALL” 大開催!!


A Public Movie Celebration Event
Akira Toriyama “The World of Dragon Ball” Grand Exhibition!!

A super project filled with the charm of “Dragon Ball ” such as serialization manuscripts and color illustration exhibits!!

The exhibition will be held in Tokyo from March 27th to April 15th, in Ōsaka from April 17th to April 23rd, and in Nagoya from July 27th to September 1st. It does note that the next issue of V-Jump (the March 2013 issue) will contain additional information about the exhibitions.

  1. makaioshin

    I’ve kinda wanted to see the manga in full color. I’m really excited for this. I hope they use the more bright colors Toriyama usually chose instead of just applying the anime colors to the manga.

    20 December 20121:45 PM EST
  2. ryuman

    Oh wow, this sounds like fantastic news. My excitement for this is pretty close to what I have for the new movie.

    20 December 20121:52 PM EST
  3. fpsanth

    Holy crap.

    The marketing push for this new movie continues to impress!

    20 December 20122:06 PM EST
  4. alakazam

    I’m guessing the Chouzenshuu will be a 3-in-1 deal.

    20 December 20122:09 PM EST
  5. rukura

    Didn’t Naruto and Bleach have Chouzenshuu releases of the manga? (or maybe the edition had a different name…) Which could mean that it’s just another format.

    Maybe a kanzenban style release, but without the changes that were in the kanzenban release of Dragon Ball?

    20 December 20122:11 PM EST
  6. mozart13x

    WHOA! Badass news for good ol’ DB! XD

    20 December 20122:47 PM EST
  7. Chuquita

    That’s really interesting. Curious as to how they’ll color them (traditional or digital) and what color pallet they’ll use.

    20 December 20124:55 PM EST
  8. gokuden

    OMG, so I guess I’ll hold-off on completing my Kanzenbans and wait for these to materialize, this is such great news, it seems Toei has big plans for the 2013 movie; they’re breathing new air into the manga, reprinting action figures, talking about canon, and capturing my heart.


    Thank the god of Destruction!

    20 December 20125:07 PM EST
  9. fizzer


    20 December 20125:13 PM EST
  10. CashmanX

    DAMN. 2012 has just been the year of news, hasn’t it? 😀

    20 December 201211:32 PM EST
  11. zestanor

    Coolio! I hope they keep all the original color pages, and the same color scheme.

    21 December 201212:18 AM EST
  12. dragonboxzthemovies

    Poor Anime Comics…they just keep getting more and more redundant.

    21 December 20123:16 AM EST