Published by Hujio
21 December 2012, 8:26 AM EST

Yesterday we reported about some very early rumblings of a new fully-colored manga re-release and something being called a “Chōzenshū” (超全集). Fortunately, our very own Julian rushed out to grab the February 2013 issue of V-Jump and snapped a quick photo of the page containing the essential details we had been missing!

As of now, the “Full Color Comics” will cover both the Saiyan and Freeza arcs of the original manga storyline. The three Saiyan arc volumes will be released 04 February 2013 and the five Freeza arc volumes will be released 04 April 2013, although there is still no price point listed.

The page also specifies that the “Chōzenshū” will be a four volume set of illustrated reference books that “tell everything about Dragon Ball“. The four volumes are listed to come out next year on February 4th, March 4th, April 4th, and May 9th, respectively.

At the moment these releases have not popped up for pre-order on any online retailers, but we will of course be sure to let you know as soon as they do, along with any additional details we can find!

  1. omegalucas

    Aaah… aaah! I want,,, I want it…!! 😯

    21 December 20128:32 AM EST
  2. b

    I’ll probably go through the tankobon, pick my favorite volume out of these, and make a purchase based on that initial buy. Exciting things happening!

    21 December 20129:46 AM EST
  3. Chuquita

    That looks pretty cool; I kinda want it.
    Ah, I wonder if they know the sample pages they included in the magazine are the manga’s scene of the anime’s “Over 9000.” meme?

    21 December 20129:50 AM EST
  4. rory

    They look very ‘anime colours’…. not a excited as could be. 😐

    21 December 201210:05 AM EST
  5. omegalucas

    They are the manga colors (Vegeta’s scouter is green) with sort of an anime shading, so I like it.
    I’m just not that fond of that purple of Goku’s undershirt (and of Vegeta’s spandex)… hope it’s caused by the photographing of the magazine…

    21 December 201210:45 AM EST
  6. fizzer

    Eight volumes for Saiyan and Freeza arc? Those were covered by nine kanzenban volumes, so these must have even more chapters per volume than the kanzenbans.

    21 December 201211:27 AM EST
  7. makaioshin

    I hope it is popular enough for them to do the entire series eventually. They still look like manga colors to me. It isn’t classic Toriyama shading but that is usually how Goku is colored on the Shueisha site, I think.

    21 December 20121:06 PM EST
  8. bleed0range

    Color me… excited! hahahaha. 😉 🙄

    22 December 20121:07 AM EST
  9. sangofe

    This is what they should have done instead of th animangas. I can see people getting confused because of the previously released animanga… But I do hope this gets picked up by either Glénat or Viz so that I can read it in either French or English.

    22 December 20126:17 AM EST