Published by VegettoEX
21 December 2012, 11:32 PM EST

With the Battle of Gods panel complete at Jump Festa ’13 today in Japan, the movie’s trailer — seemingly accidentally leaked online by Japanese online TV outlet CH11 earlier this month (and in high definition, no less) — has now been officially released to media outlets.

A full transcription and translation of the text and dialog in the trailer is available in our previous update.

Japanese fan reports from the panel indicate that a statement from original manga author Akira Toriyama was read stating his hopes for the movie’s success, and that the party scenes shown in the promotional images are of a birthday celebration for Bulma.

  1. mozart13x

    WAHOOOO! That was for Bulma’s birthday?! Awesome job by Toriyama! XD

    22 December 20124:17 AM EST
  2. nslshockwave

    Still LOVE IT! :mrgreen:

    22 December 20125:15 AM EST
  3. vrblitz

    awww… a special looking villain, with typical db powerups and ki attacks :/

    22 December 20126:50 AM EST
  4. shmike

    I just realized, the planet Goku and North Kai are on looks a lot like North Kai’s old planet before Cell blew it up. Was it restored at any point? Also, was North Kai brought back to life when the Dragon Balls were used after the Cell Games?

    22 December 201211:58 PM EST
  5. gokuden

    Okay, sexy birthday wishes to Bulma first.
    Praising trailer again second!
    😉 Akira Toriyama make more DragonBall, so happy!

    Now somebody sing happy birthday to Bulma the way Jennifer Anniston did when she appeared on 30 Rock.


    23 December 20122:58 AM EST
  6. Chuquita

    This really has me excited for the more spoilerific trailers that are sure to follow. X3
    I never would’ve guessed it would be a party for Bulma’s birthday.

    I feel like as soon as the holidays are over, more news updates on this movie are going to come pouring in; and I can’t wait! :mrgreen:

    24 December 20123:46 PM EST