ScrewAttack’s DEATH BATTLE!: Goku vs. Superman
Published by 10 January 2013, 9:24 PM EST

While it was originally planned to launch back on 21 December 2012, the amount of work put in to ScrewAttack’s latest “DEATH BATTLE!” video — Goku vs. Superman — was seemingly unparalleled for the gaming culture outfit. The release date came, and the release date went.

Worry not, fellow fans. The prophesied day has come.

Kanzenshuu was proud to provide dozens upon dozens upon dozens of page of research, translations, verifications, and more for the fine folks at ScrewAttack. We are posting up this video without even having watched it ourselves. We are looking forward — just as much, if not more so, as the rest of you! — to seeing what the final outcome is. How much of our research was taken into consideration? How much was tossed out the window? What is there we can also learn about Superman?

We hope you enjoy!

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  • kendamu says:

    Now I know exactly what MasakoX is capable of when dubbing Goku in a consistently serious tone.

  • fogdark says:

    Great video, great analysis, and great fight.
    MasakoX was indeed awesome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • supersaiyan3goku says:

    Can I say I loved Masako X’s sexy SSJ4 Goku voice? Cause that was awesome.

    Overall, DAMN that was an awesome fight. Well worth the wait!

  • nslshockwave says:

    Im very Impressed! ๐Ÿ˜†

  • ea575 says:

    All I gotta say is that was more than worth the wait. Very well done ๐Ÿ˜€

  • mozart13x says:

    SWEET! MasakoX is a BOSS! ;D

  • bleed0range says:

    I gotta say that ended up being way way way better than i thought it’d be!!!

  • bleed0range says:

    Even the fight was done well.

  • jeffjarrett says:

    Great, great, great!!!

  • fizzer says:

    Bringing Newton’s third law into Dragon Ball? Lol… Goku outputs more than enough power to destroy the Earth with a ki blast in his base form, in the Saiyan arc. Great analysis though, it’s probaby true that Superman would win. Destroying the planet doesn’t mean that Goku loses though, as Freeza could survive a planet’s explosion while already close to death, and Goku could teleport to a different planet in the short time before he died.

  • mozart13x says:

    If this logical and HIGHLY HONEST answer doesn’t satisfy both parties (Goku and Superman fans) then I simply DON’T know what will… ;P

  • craddle says:


  • eltonstryker says:

    I dont like it!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก
    Goku and Superman fight in a City?
    Destroys the world,the Kents,Lois ,Z Warriors?
    Dont restaure the earth?
    Goku in Dragon Ball Gt go to another dimensuon with Baby Vegeta special attack!!A lower attack comparing to this explosion!!
    Totally Nonsense vรญdeo ever!!!!!

  • destro4thewin says:

    Masako’s ssj4 voice was….bad.He did a low tone normal Goku and his normal Goku is a high pitched kids voice.It sounded like me whrn i was 10 and wanted to act like Goku

  • mozart13x says:

    ^ Well, they couldn’t REALLY get ol’ Sean to do it anyway… guy’s got better stuff to do IMO ;P

  • dna says:

    Well, very good video, great attention to detail. It was great to see Goku mix-and-matching techniques we know he could but never did in the actual franchise like shooting a Genkidama powered Kamehameha and using Kaioken in Super Saiyan 4. Shame about the ending though, I don’t see Superman willingly destroying Earth just for the sake of a fight, especially do defeat a guy who proved his not a threat. I love and mostly agree with the calculations they’ve done. In the end, Superman winning is perfectly logical.

    Now only one great question remains: Goku vs Popeye, who would win?

  • shreddinghead says:

    Even though i was ruding for goku, i was not surprised by the outcome of this match. Well. Superman is Superman! A titan of a ridiculously large amount of powers, and in many ways he’s the definition of super strength. However, i am a dragon ball fan, not a superman fan. I find much more depth and enthusiasm in a character who always overcome his limits, and the expectation, each situation he faces, presents. Rather than someone who has an withborn aptitude virtually immune to any obsticles.

  • sinestro says:

    If Superman can’t, who can?

  • While it was safe to assume this fight’s outcome before the jump, it was still one heck of a presentation. ScrewAttack set the bar WAY high with this Death Battle and the amount of love and dedication by all the parties involved was so tangible. I was hooting, hollering, and cheering all the way through this video. It was such an experience. Bravo!! :mrgreen:

  • I’m sad to see Goku lose but damn was this video fair balanced and informative. I’m happy to see they came here for their information and it shows that they cared about being extremely fair to both sides. Their argument was solid, the fight was awesome and ultimately Screw Attack did a fantastic job. Well worth the wait.

  • daimorukiri says:

    I think this is a pretty honest answer, however if Goku knew of his weakness and how he obtained his power IE a yellow start Goku would have been able to teleport to a red star and obviously win.

    But it is a fact that Superman is only as strong as he needs to be but is far from invincible, if said weakness are known.

    Power wise Goku doesn’t have the energy from the sun but Superman can absorb it so in other words superman would be stronger but that doesn’t mean Goku can not defeat superman.

    So in other words no answer will satisfy this debate as Goku can beat superman if he knew is weakness, but superman can beat Goku using the energy from the Sun.

  • dragonfist says:

    I am a huge superman fan so I was torn between both combatants. However, I enjoyed it so much, thanks to the well-researched (and hey, they used both Kanzenshuu & the Superman Homepage, which are my go to sites for their respective fandoms ) :P, fair and balanced. I loved the end where they explained that ultimately why it’s pointless to compare both characters in terms of strength when they were created to satisfy two very much oppose storytelling themes. :mrgreen:

  • sonkai says:

    it is impossible, Superman may have more strength, but goku has more Ki capable of ending the universe!!
    Think about it, Broly had the power to destroy a galaxy and goku and much stronger than him! has no logic! Superman, with its maximum power, it can destroy a planet! while goku can destroy galaxies with his KI
    : ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • kempatsu says:

    This fight is bogus.

    Superman would not destroy the Earth to win a fight and neither would Goku. Like how Goku compromised with his honor and destroying the Kryptonite, why doesn’t Superman compromise with his love for Earth?

    On a fight of pure physical strength, it pains me to say Superman is pretty stupid strong.


    If this was an all out war, then I’m sure Goku would win without a doubt. It’d be pretty easy to teleport Superman to a planet with no suns.

  • VegettoEX says:

    I’ve seen so many people say, “Oh, Goku would just teleport him somewhere without suns”.

    Goku, however, would have to know for a fact that the place he was teleporting to had no suns, and he would also have to concentrate and lock onto some sort of ki signature in that location. If there’s a ki signature there, that means there are living beings there, and he wouldn’t want to risk killing them all in an explosion. As we’ve seen, he’s happy to kill off Kaio (and Bubbles), but that’s about it!

    All in all, the DEATH BATTLE! videos are meant to be a fun showcase of the research the ScrewAttack folks put into all of the techniques and aspects of the fighters. Not every single last depiction can be absolutely “real” to the fighters, because then — as we’ve all said — you’d have a case like this where Goku and Superman would never have even fought in the first place :).

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