Chōzenshū #2 Title Revealed: “Animation Guide Part 1”
Published by 18 January 2013, 8:35 PM EST

The mystery surrounding the series of four new Chōzenshū guide books — due to start their release in just a few short weeks — is becoming ever-so-slightly clearer. The first book’s title was revealed as “Story & World Guide”, and we now have a title for the second book via Amazon Japan and Shueisha’s own listing: “Animation Guide Part 1”.

With zero concrete information about the new guide books other than titles for the first and second volumes, it is looking more and more as if our predictions — that they will be, at least in part, some sort of re-release or combination of the Daizenshuu series of guide books — will be coming to fruition. “Story & World Guide” combines the titles from the second and fourth Daizenshuu volumes, while the first part of an “Animation Guide” could cover anything from the third, fifth, and tenth Daizenshuu volumes (the “TV Animation” releases) and/or the sixth volume (“Movies & TV Specials”).

Between those of us with our orders placed and those of us already in Japan anyway, we will be bringing you as much new (or potentially old?) information as we can with regard to these new (old?!) books.

The first Chōzenshū shifted its release date by one day to 05 February 2013 (at ¥2,200), and this second volume is due just one month later on 05 March 2013 (at ¥2,300).

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  • darknat says:

    I was wondering something. I’m planning on preordering both from amazon japan but I notice the first one is listed under 2 different items:

    ドラゴンボール超全集 1 STORY&WORLD GUIDE (ジャンプコミックス)


    ドラゴンボール超全集 1 STORY&WORLD GUIDE (愛蔵版コミックス)

    Is there any difference?

    I think the second one is the one I should get because the second volume is listed under the same name too.

  • SaiyaJedi says:

    The first one is the original listing, while the second is the revised listing. I have no idea why they didn’t simply change the old one.

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