“Battle of Gods” Update Coming to Miracle Battle Carddass Series
Published by 24 January 2013, 9:39 AM EST

A new update to the Dragon Ball Kai portion of the Miracle Battle Carddass series is on its way: the “MIRACLE OF GOD” booster pack will bring Battle of Gods into the on-going card game starting 12 April 2013 in Japan.

月30日公開の映画新登場! 新キャラ最速参戦! 映画でも活躍するキャラたちがブーストキラで登場! 限定キャンペーンカード収録!

Appearing for the first time in the movie opening March 30! New characters join the battle at top speed! Characters that also have a role to play in the movie appear as “boost kira”! Limited-edition campaign card included!

In total for the new update, there will be 77 cards, plus six super-omega and one limited-edition. 45 cards of the total kinds are common, 10 are uncommon, nine are rare, six are super-rare, six are super-omega-rare, and seven are “boost kira cards”.

Booster pack boxes are currently available for pre-order on both CDJapan and Amazon Japan, with the former offering a special price of ¥3,600 down from the ¥4,200 tax-inclusive MSRP. Each box contains 20 packs of eight cards each, with the obvious note that you are not guaranteed to receive all of the set’s cards simply by purchasing a box.

The Miracle Battle Carddass series is one that spans five Jump franchises: Dragon Ball (still under the Kai brand), Toriko, One Piece, Hunter × Hunter, and Naruto. The game features “Character”, “Action”, and “Dramatic” cards, and the player’s mana (to use the terminology of one well-known collectible card game) is called “Jumpower”.

The Carddass brand goes back many years with Dragon BallBandai celebrated the duo’s 20th anniversary back in 2008 with a two-part special re-release package.

Though the two brands do cross over from time to time, Miracle Battle Carddass cards are not interoperable with Dragon Ball Heroes cards and their respective arcade machines.

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