Nakagawa & Matsumoto “Battle of Gods” Voice Recordings
Published by 28 January 2013, 10:33 AM EST

A recent “open recording” event for press was held in Japan promoting the voice performances of Olympic gold-medalist jūdō-ka Kaori Matsumoto and voice actress/singer/TV-personality Shōko Nakagawa with some of their lines from the upcoming theatrical presentation, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, set to debut in Japan 30 March 2013. The two were announced to be playing bit parts in the movie earlier this month.

Mainichi Shimbun Digital posted an abbreviated version of the session:

At the beginning of this particular clip, Nakagawa says that she is so happy she is in tears, but she will do her best anyway. They play back her lines (opposite “Birusu”), then she does them a few times. What appears to be the voice director (at least in this example video) tells her to do it one more time, then again, but cuter.

A similar video was posted by Movie Collection with more material:

Matsumoto’s line is, “Again? Are they setting off extra-large fireworks or something at Capsule Corporation?” The voice director (or whoever it is that is in charge and talking to her) asks her to do it again with more energy. Nakagawa’s advice to her is, “like you’ve raised your Battle Power to the max”. Next up is Nakagawa, and here (as in the other video), she says she is so happy she is in tears, but she will do her best as-is. The exact exchange of dialog, pulling from the two video sources above, comes out to:

BIRUSU: “Oracle Fish! Oracle Fish, are you here?”
ORACLE FISH: “[lots of weird warbling] … I was out for a stroll. What is it?”
BIRUSU: “39 years ago, you said that, 39 years hence, a strong enemy would appear before me.”
ORACLE FISH: “Did I say that?”
BIRUSU: “You did, didn’t you?”
ORACLE FISH: “Hmm… then, I said it!”

After the recording is a joint interview with Masako Nozawa. Someone asks Nakagawa how it was, and she says “I can’t stop crying today, I’m just too happy. The greatest miracle in my life has occurred.” The actress goes into a long spiel about how she has always gained courage and strength from the series, and how becoming an adult, and leafing through the pages of Jump, and seeing the announcement, and then to think she was called upon, etc. — the basic amount of incredible joy one might expect. Nakagawa continues (mirroring her official statement from earlier in the month):

Just to think I’d be in the same universe as Trunks, Goku, and Vegeta, breathing the same air, I really couldn’t sleep, so I did the recording without getting any sleep, but it’s a dream come true, I thought it was a fantasy, but today, I actually got to meet you, Nozawa-san, and I’m so happy, I… [incoherent blubbering]

As for the Oracle Fish, she did not want her voice to be recognizable:

… as far as Dragon Ball is concerned, I felt that a voice recognizable as “Shoko-tan” would be something fans would really dislike, so I tried a bunch of different voices in order not to give a “Shoko-tan” feeling, and finally I got the director’s OK, so I’m really looking forward to the movie.

Nozawa says it is her second time performing together with Nakagawa; the previous time was all right, but this time, with the power in her voice, and the way she broke into a cute voice, was good and not at all Shoko-tan-like.

A reporter asks how Matsumoto feels about having participated in recording, since she likes Goku:

MATSUMOTO: “I’m incredibly happy, but I don’t show much emotion, apart from matches…”
NOZAWA: “That’s fine, as long as you show it then.”
NAKAGAWA: “The moment you won the medal, did you use the Kaiō-ken? Like, times 20, or 30?”
MATSUMOTO: “I did it with the power of this world.”

Nakagawa was then asked if she had any special requests for Masako Nozawa:

NAKAGAWA: “Re- request? Um… well, could you say, ‘Heya, Shoko-tan!’ and then something like Goku would say?”
NOZAWA: “All right. ‘Heya, Shoko-tan! Wanna go get some grub with me?'”
NAKAGAWA: “YES I WILL! I can’t believe it! I’m terribly sorry, making such an extravagant request in front of all of you… and I think I’ve peed myself.”

The event wraps up with a triple-Kamehameha and a final remark from Nakagawa of, “Uwaa! My scouter just broke! That was the greatest…”

Big thanks to our various forum members for the heads-up!

UPDATE: In addition to the above videos, a new article on the Japanese website “CinemaToday” contains a small gallery of promotional photographs from the recording session. In the last few photos Matsumoto is holding a cutout of the police office modeled after herself, while Nakagawa is holding a scepter-like figure of the “Oracle Fish”, giving us a first glimpse at their respective characters.

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