MANGAPOLO Launches Video Versions of Full Color Comics
Published by 04 February 2013, 10:36 PM EST

The “Full Color Comics” — newly-colored versions of Akira Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball manga — are turning into a far bigger story than any of us could have imagined! Beyond the print release in Japan, a digital release of the earlier chapters in Japan, and a simultaneous digital release for some chapters here in the United States, now we also have official video versions!


As part of Google’s new initiatives to bring original and engaging content to their consumers on YouTube, Dentsu has launched a new channel today called “MANGAPOLO”, a name created by combining “manga” and “Marco Polo” to make their way “into the open sea to spread the joy of Manga around the world”. The channel kicks things off with video versions of Dragon Ball manga.






On the 4th [of this month], Dentsu Inc. launched the manga channel “MANGAPOLO” on the video sharing site YouTube. Leveraging its network with domestic publishers, it will deliver official content from them.

For its first stage, it will stream, for free, all volumes of Shueisha’s Dragon Ball in the form of videos making use of the Full Color edition’s presentation. Every week, it will update with one chapter each of Part 1, the “Son Goku Training Arc”, through Part 4, the “Saiyan Arc”. Applicable languages will be Japanese and English.

In November 2012, American company Google launched a channel for delivering original programming produced by 13 domestic partner companies, including Dentsu. Dentsu will roll out MANGAPOLO in 53 countries and regions, with the aim of providing information to the existing fan base, and reaching out to potential readers around the world.

With regards to its partner companies, Google has provided capital (the amount of which has not been made public) in anticipation of future advertising revenue. Using this capital, partner companies are providing YouTube-exclusive videos to the public. Dentsu is sharing this capital with publishers.

Dentsu hopes, by working with publishers to develop a new presentation format for manga tailored to YouTube’s unique characteristics, and through the development of different forms of content such as interaction between authors and fans and the discovery of new creators, to create a new way of enjoying manga.

So far, fifteen videos have been added to the MANGAPOLO YouTube channel spanning various chapters from the very beginning of the series up through the beginning of the Saiyan arc, as well as one particularly spectacular motion graphics trailer for the Saiyan arc:

It sounds like we can count on new chapters each Tuesday, so stay tuned!

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