God of Destruction Joins “Zenkai Battle Royale”
Published by 14 February 2013, 11:33 AM EST

Zenkai Battle Royale — the Japanese-only, arcade-only, multiplayer fighting game that first test-launched back in late 2010 (and still has no word on a possible home port!) — just does not want to slow down with the updates. We most recently saw Videl and Zarbon added to the roster of playable characters, but a certain “God of Destruction” is looking to take the spotlight.


“Birusu” will join the battle as the seventh part of the “Competition for Dragon Balls” starting 30 March 2013, the same date that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods hits theaters across Japan. During this time period, in certain game modes, a “Competition for Dragon Balls” battle will randomly occur. These modes include single-player (when doing a battle royale or team battle in national vs. mode) and two-player (when doing a team battle in national vs. mode). If you manage to collect all seven Dragon Balls, “Birusu”, God of Destruction, is yours to use.

There are certain requirements to obtain a Dragon Ball during the matches, however. In battle royale, it is pretty simple: the person who gets first place gets one Dragon Ball. In team-battle, the winning pair get one Dragon Ball each. One of the catches is that the Dragon Balls you have collected from the previous six times they have done this sort of promotion will be reset — be prepared to collect all seven (again) during the time this particular promotion is going on.


UPDATE: The April 2013 issue of V-Jump describes Birusu and his attacks in slightly more detail:

His power is one that brings about destruction!!!

Giant balls of light appear from Birusu’s hands!! Their power and their effects are a mystery, but it’s not hard to imagine that it will have incredible force!! You can’t wait for its appearance!!

“Birusu” is also making an appearance in different capacities in both “Galaxy Mission 6” and “Galaxy Mission 7” of the arcade versions of Dragon Ball Heroes, as well as the Nintendo 3DS home port, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission, due out later this month.

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