Published by VegettoEX
20 February 2013, 10:11 PM EST

The April 2013 issue of V-Jump, released today in Japan, teases something — apparently a new “form” — called “Super Saiyan God” for the upcoming film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, due out 30 March 2013:

The legend among legends — what is “Super Saiyan God”?!

The mightiest warriors in the universe, the “Saiyans”. The mightiest being, passed down to this people holding wondrous legends –. That is “Super Saiyan God”!!

Just what sort of form is it, with what kind of strength?! The answer will be revealed at the theater…!!

So what is this new “Super Saiyan God” form…?! It is worth noting that it is written out as 超サイヤ人ゴッド (Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo), using the English word “god”. The issue goes on to explain:

The Oracle Fish’s revelation holds the key!!
39 years ago, the Oracle Fish foretold the appearance of the “Super Saiyan-God” to Birusu, God of Destruction. This revelation hastened the God of Destruction’s awakening, and is the genesis of this tale…!!

That is the extent of story-related information in this latest issue of V-Jump. We are a little over a month out from the movie’s release at this point, and things are certainly heating up!

  1. batistabus

    I’m not sure if I should be excited, or face-palming.

    20 February 201310:17 PM EST
  2. penguintruth

    It’s probably just a flowery description rather than a specific term.

    At least, I hope so. Enough forms already.

    20 February 201310:20 PM EST
  3. Chuquita

    I’m excited. :3 I just hope the new form looks cool (and is fun to draw). Also, I hope it has eyebrows.

    The silhouette matches one of the Freeza arc Goku drawings from the daizenshuu; this is some way to keep what the form looks like a secret. X3

    SO excited for the trailer. *_*

    Thank you for the translations!!

    20 February 201310:21 PM EST
  4. nexcarnifex

    I hope the hair turns white or something…

    20 February 201310:54 PM EST
  5. dbzfan7

    😐 I’m down the middle. I’m face palming because the premise sounds stupid , but the form could be cool.

    20 February 201311:27 PM EST
  6. nslshockwave


    20 February 201311:43 PM EST
  7. b

    I’m expecting the form to just be SSJ1 Goku in a silhouette of lightning and hair. No eyes, no mouth, no flesh.

    21 February 201312:13 AM EST
  8. kingofwisdom

    This film is either going to be great, or depressingly terrible. I was excited when Pilaf and his henchmen were revealed to be in the movie, but the more news I hear, the less hopeful I become. Man, I just hope this doesn’t suck. 😕

    21 February 20131:35 AM EST
  9. lordeeyorehawhaw

    Huh. Takes me all the way back to when I was a young ‘un and played Dragon Ball pretend roleplay games, and came up with the “Saiya-kami” form.

    21 February 20133:17 AM EST
  10. trukjr

    Another new SS form? Looks like Screw Attack will have to re-evaluate their conclusion on Goku vs Superman now!

    21 February 20135:22 AM EST
  11. zsupervegetaz

    If they add a new form it’ll be dumb,I hope it’s a prank or mistranslation. People keep debating thecanon of this,but even non canon canon movies don’t do drastic things like kill of main charecters or add new forms,so if somehow this is canon and there is a new form…’s just for this movie,kind of like how mystic form wasn’t forever. Accept I think goku will say something like”hey Whiss,thanks for the power up,but I wanna reply on my own powers for now on”

    21 February 20137:04 AM EST
  12. zsupervegetaz

    Or maybe this is for those who complain ssj isn’t invincible like say,sorry for double post(if hat somehow offends)

    21 February 20137:06 AM EST
  13. ea575

    At least the movie title makes more sense now 😆

    21 February 201312:07 PM EST
  14. fizzer

    I’m expecting this to be the best and longest of the Dragon Ball movies. It definitely seems to be the one that the most work has gone into. I’m expected a more complicated plot than most of them too. I really hope it’s good.

    I sort of welcome a new form… I like GT more than most people do, but if a new form after SSJ3 is being introduced then that almost definitely means they’re pretending GT never happened, which is good because it leaves quite a nice probability of more stories in the future. Actually, I’m really unsure about the idea of a full-blown story continuation, because it might be bad, and it might make everything else seem even more repetitive, but the more popular DB is and the more money can be made by creating DB things the better, because I’ll be a fan of at least some of the new stuff.

    21 February 201312:14 PM EST