New “Battle of Gods” Interview Translations
Published by 21 February 2013, 10:02 PM EST

The April 2013 issue of V-Jump hit Japanese shelves yesterday, and we are still making our way through the magazine to bring all the best Dragon Ball news and information tidbits we can. In addition to teasing the concept of a new “Super Saiyan God” form for the upcoming theatrical film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the issue contains a three-way question-and-answer session with voice actors you are likely familiar with by this point: Masako Nozawa (Son Goku, et al.), Shōko Nakagawa (“Oracle Fish”), and Kaori Matsumoto (police officer).

A full translation of the interview — a surprisingly lengthy piece! — can be found over in our “Translations” section.


A new pamphlet also hit Japanese theaters as a “take one” freebie and is overall very similar to the previous version, but with one very fun extra: a new quote from original manga author Akira Toriyama!


ところで後半のバトルシーンは特に圧巻です!予想を越えた表現には感激しました。 さすが日本のアニメーションは優秀なんですね!スタッフの皆さん、本当にごくろうさまでした!! それでは久々のドラゴンボールをお楽しみください!

Apparently, it’s been 17 years since the last animated Dragon Ball movie! For all the animation up to now, I’ve basically just left everything up [to the staff], so this is my first try at being involved starting from the story’s creation. The key words this time, “God of Destruction Birusu” and “Super Saiyan God”, were suggestions from the scriptwriter, but they were good ideas for presenting a crisis for the main characters, who had grown so strong that they’d reached a point where there was nothing higher. After first deciding on Birusu’s character design and background, I tried thinking up an original story, imagining it as though [the manga’s] serialization had continued. What’s more, the God of Destruction Birusu, who I drew the design for myself (something I don’t usually do), is a terrifying opponent so overwhelmingly strong that he surpasses the dimension of the previous enemies. But it’s my trademark to not let things get too dark. At the very least, I’m satisfied that it’s been finished up as a very entertaining piece of work.

By the way, the battle scenes in the second half are particularly overwhelming! I was moved because the presentation exceeded my expectations. Just as you’d expect, Japan’s animation is superb! Everyone on the staff, you really did a great job!! Well, please enjoy the first Dragon Ball in a long time!

An archive of this comment has been added to our “Translations” section, as well.

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  • nslshockwave says:

    🙂 <3 Akira Toriyama, you are the Man! I'm so overwhelmingly excited for this movie! I can't get enough!!!!

  • kendamu says:

    This sounds a lot more enthusiastic than I’d ever imagine. 😀

  • Chuquita says:

    Good feelings from that author note. :3 Toriyama seems like he really enjoyed working on coming up with stuff for this movie (and I can tell from some of the bits we’ve seen already that it shows; so far it’s shaping up to feel much more Toriyama than Toei and I think that’s cool) and it’s nice to read his thoughts on it. Very excited for those overwhelming 2nd half battle scenes. :mrgreen:

  • zsupervegetaz says:

    So this basicaly says Akira dd nothing with kai? Cause he says this is the first time he’s doing a db project FROM the script writing stage. So he didn’t write this,but stll I’m psched! Anyone know where we can see this subbed the fastest?

  • VegettoEX says:

    Akira Toriyama DIDN’T really have anything to do with “Dragon Ball Kai”. It was produced by Toei Animation in support of the 20th anniversary of the DBZ portion of the TV series.

    We do not support piracy, and will not be pointing anyone to unauthorized versions of the movie after its release. It will eventually receive a DVD/Blu-ray release in Japan, which we will of course point folks toward. If and when it receives an international release, we will also of course point people to that.

  • zsupervegetaz says:

    Wll Akira had to approve of it,but he didn’t do anything with the production of it,I always thought that.

    About the piracy thing,I don’t lie. If I see the full movie on youtube or something,imma watch it. And when it’s out on dvd I’ll still buy it. (for my collection) I don’ feel bad watching it overyoutube if im to lazyto use a disc,it’ easier and the fact i own the whole series on dragonbox remastered/ult uncut/single disc,edited,uncut dvd,edited uncut vhs,and almostall of it bought on zune….i feel no guilt, but i get what you mean about not supporting piracy. They should just release it on youtube but for monetary gain liek cartoon newtork is doing with the old 90’s shows. Then they’d make ALOT more money,I mean didn’t kai notbeing aired in japan anymore show these guys othr countries want dragon ball as well?!

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