Published by VegettoEX
22 February 2013, 10:15 AM EDT,

The April 2013 issue of V-Jump contains the usual amount of Dragon Ball video game news, updates, and general coverage. In addition to the issue, a few tidbits of coverage have been popping up in other locations, as well, so it is time to wrap it all up in one nice package!

Nintendo held a Japanese-only “Nintendo Direct” — an online video focusing on upcoming games, products, and updates — earlier this week to show off some of the third-party support for the 3DS. Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission was shown off quite a bit, highlighting features such as using the camera as a “scouter”, StreetPass functionality, QR codes, and more.

This month’s issue of V-Jump includes a special QR code for use with Ultimate Mission which grants the player “numerous limited cards” — the physical versions of which were previously exclusive to V-Jump — that “will be yours right from the start!!” These include:

  • UP1-01: Bardock
  • UP1-02: Son Goku
  • UP1-03: Son Gohan – Boyhood
  • UP2-01: Son Goku
  • UP2-02: Vegeta
  • UP2-03: Gotenks


All Super Saiyans as well as Goku and Gohan are “Berserker Type”. The UP2 cards are all Super Saiyan 3, and you can fuse Goku and Vegeta together for Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta. Add your hero avatar to the mix, and you can pull off an “unrivaled super-technique”.

While Ultimate Mission (due out exclusively in Japan 28 February 2013) will only cover up through “Galaxy Mission 4” from the original arcade game, it will include bonus material from the upcoming film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, that is being included in different ways for both “Galaxy Mission 6” and “Galaxy Mission 7” of the arcade game.

“Galaxy Mission 7” kicks off 17 March 2013, and three special cards will be distributed — as “presents” — at stores tying in with the update. The first will be a “kira card” (a shiny, foil-type card) of Vegeta with his Final Flash and a Card Action ability of changing to a Super Saiyan. A Gotenks card will be available 24 March 2013, and a Goku card will be available 31 March 2013.

The update will also contain a brand-new mission with Birusu. You progress along a large map, which recreates places Goku has had adventures, on your way to the God of Destruction. By fulfilling a certain requirement — “if you show Birusu hospitality” — in this mission, you can unlock a secret stage. Also, Vs. mode introduces “Porunga Dragon Balls” — by winning against Charge Impacts and collecting seven Porunga Dragon Balls, you can try your luck at “Porunga Battle Slot”. You could get something that affects the playing field during the battle, and on top of that, after the battle, there is a “Porunga Big Bonus” stage where you have the chance to collect lots of experience points. Also introduced is the God Card Action Ability: “Z”, first teased in this month’s chapter of Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission by the character “Froze”. The Z-Warriors who play an active role in Battle of Gods combine their power to unleash a super finishing-move. After dealing damage to your opponent, there are also extra effects that are beneficial to you, which you can share among your characters. There are eight cards with the “Z” ability, and each has its own extra effects, such as “energy recovery”.


The Japanese-only, arcade-only, multiplayer fighting game Zenkai Battle Royale received a very brief update in this month’s V-Jump. “God of Destruction”, Birusu, has already been announced as coming to the game during the upcoming “Competition for Dragon Balls” event upon the movie’s release 30 March 2013, but the magazine does little to expand upon what we already know about the character, and provides the same two screen shots from the game’s official website:

His power is one that brings about destruction!!!

Giant balls of light appear from Birusu’s hands!! Their power and their effects are a mystery, but it’s not hard to imagine that it will have incredible force!! You can’t wait for its appearance!!

Beyond this, the second “Ultimate Battle Royale” is currently underway in the game. Normally, the top two remaining players win, but in this case, there is only one winner. Apart from awards based on your ranking, with the total number of trophies, everybody will be able to get something. You can participate from class C3, and you have two tries for a single coin; you are ranked based on the number of trophies you get, and high-ranked players get a special title. By collecting trophies, you can get special items — showcased in the magazine are four of the Ginyu Special Force members, as well as Videl dressed up as Great Saiyaman Mk.II.


Next month’s issue of V-Jump will be a doozy with a “super special report” covering “Galaxy Mission 7” and the new movie, plus a bonus Birusu card and a (JIS) B2-size movie poster.